meet Antonia

When it comes to job satisfaction, to my mind you can’t beat wedding and party planning. There is something truly special about channelling your passion, dedication, attention to detail and love of a challenge into designing a day that’s centred around someone else’s happiness. We in the wedding industry are professional memory makers, and that responsibility is a precious one. Seeing my couples dining and dancing together in a space that’s been custom designed just for them will never get old. I’ve got butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it, actually!

Colourful, Personal Weddings and Parties

The right path

My route into event planning has been somewhat circuitous (via the world of interior design, property marketing and, briefly, a stint on board a 70ft racing yacht!). But since starting my business in 2017, something has clicked into place inside me. Honour & Pop lights me up. While I could list a million and one reasons why I love working in the world of weddings and parties, I’ll keep it to just these three fundamentals – things that have become the pillars of my business, and that I promise to bring to the table for each and every one of the events I work on as a luxury Berkshire wedding planner.


A Personal Connection

Planning an event, and especially a wedding, is a marathon not a sprint. We’ll be working together over a period of several months, and will get to know each other very well during that time. While I am here to organise and facilitate the wedding or party you’ve been dreaming about, our relationship will go deeper than the spreadsheets and supplier lists. From the minute we start working together, I’m your advocate, teammate and friend, offering emotional as well as practical support.



An Eye for Beauty

I have always been a bit of a magpie. I find joy in beautiful things, and see beauty in all aspects of life. It’s there in the tiniest moments and most minute of details: the quirk of a smile, the unspooling of a bright ribbon, a sudden snatch of music, a shaft of sunlight pooling on a table, the rich softness of velvet… (I could go on!).

In planning your event, I’ll indulge these magpie tendencies. I’ll use my artistic eye and the inspiration I get from you to design and style your décor, making it sing with colour, texture and beauty.


Outstanding Local Knowledge

I live in Lambourn, a lovely village on the Berkshire Downs. I’m surrounded not only by wonderful countryside, but also by a range of exceptionally talented people. I know this area like the back of my hand, and my little yellow and pink book (black’s just not bright enough!) is filled with amazing suppliers from Berkshire and the surrounding counties, in whom I have complete faith.

We’re lucky enough to have some of the best that the UK has to offer right on our doorstep. As a luxury Berkshire wedding planner I am a proud champion of local suppliers and the incredible things they create. 

I’m never not in planning mode. When I’m not working on events for my couples, I’m making sure my family’s calendar is filled with bright spots and fun things for us to do together. I love the sea, and make time to be near the shore as often as I can. If I could conjure a dream weekend for myself, it would be spent with my children and my closest friends, the crash of waves in the background, a fire blazing merrily away, a book in my lap and a glass of wine in my hand.  Heaven!

So, now I want to know about your dream weekend, and the colourful celebration you’re planning! You can find out more about my wedding planning service here, and my party planning service here. I’d love to chat to you about your event, so get in touch, and let’s have a chat.

I can’t wait to hear from you,
Antonia x