Colourful Wedding Ideas – How to choose a bright and beautiful colour palette.

Bright and Beautiful

Pop your personality into you day! Colourful wedding ideas.

Are you looking for a bright and beautiful wedding but keeping it classic and elegant?

Well you are in the right place.  I love working with colour and couples who love to play with colour! I can help you with some colourful wedding ideas.

A creative combination, a fun pattern or unexpected accent can add a dose of personality to the big day. It can take it from pretty to WOW!

Choosing a colour palette for an event can be tricky as there are so many to choose from. Having a mix of bright colours can often be easier than sticking to one colour because it gives you so much freedom.

Where to start?

My advice is to firstly look at your tastes in fashion, interiors, and travel.  Very often from looking closely at your lives and your likes and dislikes it will emerge what colours make you tick and represent you.  Look at the colours and patterns that surround you daily.  What colours make you happy? What colour is your favourite room or jumper?  The simplest meaningful objects, such as a scarf, a piece of jewellery or even a cushion, can inspire a colour palette and colour wedding ideas.

A colour palette chosen should be one that you will be happy to live with for a long time since you will be looking at photographs and filling albums with those colours!  And remember just because it is a top trending colour does not mean you need to go with it!

As much as I love all colours, too many colours can make a palette seem disjointed but too few can leave you without options when it comes to planning all the details.  I would recommend steering clear of uber-specific colours in palette as it can be difficult to get the exact shade or swatch and could make for big disappointment.  I feel it is best to be open to different shades of a hue as it adds more interest to the decoration as well and isn’t to matchy-matchy.

The risk with colourful weddings is that it can easily look too busy, with too much going on.  Keeping to your colour palette throughout your wedding will help create a cohesive flow and allows for every detail to look like it belongs.  Use more than one neutral or to go for multiple shades of the same hue to create a tonal scheme – such as the shades from one of the flowers you will be using.  For example, a blue hydrangea will display a bright sapphire blue, a sky blue, a white and a grey; you could add a pop of colour such as a yellow to create a light and bright look. 

Integrating colour into your wedding décor creates visual interest and allows you to include fun touches to your tables and overall wedding design.

Ready to plan your colourful wedding?

 Please do contact me to have a chat about bringing your vibrant and colourful wedding dreams to life!