Berkshire Micro Wedding Planner. Five reasons to consider having a wedding now and a luxury party later.

2020 has not been kind to weddings, I know that many of you are still considering what you should do.  As a Berkshire micro wedding planner I talked about micro weddings last week

This week I thought maybe some thoughts on going for the “Marry now, Party late” option. I personally think is a really fabulous way to crack on with what you have been waiting for – actually getting married!!

As we enter another post lock down phase and with a slight unknown on the horizon until we are all vaccinated, we are all getting used to the “new normal”. But the new normal is not very helpful to weddings. Being a Berkshire micro wedding planner I have seen many weddings that have been rescheduled once, twice or even three times, Couples have waited long enough and just want to get married.

So, what to do?

I say go for the Marry now, Party later option. AKA an intimate micro wedding followed by a big blow out party at a later date.

It may not be what you had in mind but here are some reasons why you should consider it, and the top things to think about.

1 – Who can be at your intimate Marry now Party later wedding.

A small wedding currently the safest option for your family and friends in the current climate, It also means that your ceremony can be something intimate, shared only between you and those closet to you. This is perfect if you are not one for being the center of attention, or if there are any family politics to consider.

You could even pick just your two-favourite people in the world as your witnesses and have a very intimate day for four.

Or elope – choose somewhere that has some special meaning for the both of your. What about a location with epic scenery such as along the coast. Or a weekend in a city you both love. Go and get married and then have an adventure together! You will still need a couple of witnesses – might be quite fun meeting two complete strangers to witness.

Or perhaps you might follow the government guidelines about how many people are permitted on the day and then have the meal together. Enjoy spending some quality time with your guests without running around trying to make sure you’ve said ‘hello’ to everyone there. Small and intimate but complete.

2. Budget for a Marry now Party later wedding.

Whether you are going for a full splurge, or more minimalist – budget is still an important factor when planning any wedding. Especially one that spans two dates! Remember both dates are important, so it’s worth considering which elements are key to you both.

You may choose a simple ceremony and throw all the budget at the party. Think about the venue you have chosen for your intimate ceremony, and how this might work with reduced numbers. Does it need some bigger flowers, a few trees or some live music to add some atmosphere? Do you want two bouquets, one for each wedding – or just one?

3. Marry now Party later = two dresses?

If one or both of you like any excuse to get dressed up then ‘Marry Now, Party Later’ is a perfect excuse for two fantastic outfits.

For the Party, you may decide on something a bit wilder and more colourful than maybe a white wedding dress or go for something such as a jumpsuit or a more dramatic daring outfit.

But if you are looking for any excuse to wear your wedding dress twice – I say go for it! Most people only get to wear it once, what a treat!

You deserve two outfits if you want so go for it!

4. Second Wedding Ceremony at a Marry now Party later wedding.

By the time your party comes around, the legal bit is done. I know in the midst of all the fun of planning flowers, tasting menus, choosing your first dance, working out whose sitting where that it’s easy to forget the big reason why you’re doing this in the first place. So remember – the legal bit is what really matters.

This doesn’t mean that you couldn’t have a symbolic, second ceremony on the later date. Perhaps hosted by a close friend. It gives you the opportunity to exchange vows in front of all the people you love, without the legal requirements of the first ceremony. You might even hold off on the rings, so it can feel like the final step in the process of being married!

Micro WEdding Rings for Bride and Groom

5. The Marry now Party Later Party party.

Once this pandemic is over, we are all going to need a drink, (or two) and what a celebration it will be!

Think about this when you’re planning. You will have more time to budget, and think about how to make it a really great party. Whether that’s a different venue, different type of wedding marquee, bespoke cocktail bar or music from a bigger live band!

Throw the party to end all parties! Have a grand entrance, have some unusual food you love, and dance the night away with the band you always longed to dance to.  A big party will give you the flexibility to do something different.  You can still have speeches, cake cutting and even that first dance!

It might also be a different season to the wedding you’d originally booked, Think about simple twists in the colour scheme or the menu as a nod to the new time of year.

Think about treating your party day as a normal wedding day. Have the whole kit and kiboodle if you wish with make up and hair, a ceremony, drink reception and dinner and dancing. Most importantly though is do it the way you want it.

So, what do you really want from your wedding day? I know that the most popular answer is, of course, ‘to be married! AS a Berkshire Micro Wedding Planner my best advice is to embrace the world we are currently living in, and focus on the fact that love is not cancelled; when we are through this everyone will be so excited to celebrate your love and commitment to each other.

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