Wedding Planning A -Z from a Berkshire Wedding Planner

Its engagement season and with 26 days until one of the most popular days to pop the question… that is Valentines… you might be or very nearly in the throes of learning a whole new language…Wedding speak! Here for you is the A-Z of Wedding Planning.

I know that planning a wedding can be stressful at times, so to ensure you don’t forget anything along the way, I have created an A to Z of Wedding Planning, a glossary of everything you need to plan the perfect day so you don’t miss out on anything during the run up to your special day as well as some top tips.



One of the first things that newly engaged couples like to do is to announce their engagement! There are several ways to share your exciting news with friends and family; from changing your Facebook status to tweeting the happy news to adding an Instagram reel for the world to see. #Engaged


This term specially refers to the structure or table at the front of a house of worship, but, when it comes to your wedding day, it takes on a more general meaning. In the wedding world, the altar is the physical spot where you and your love will exchange vows, whether the ceremony is religious or otherwise.


You’ll hear this term a lot once you start dress shopping. Appliqués are pieces of lace or other fabric that are sewn onto a base fabric, creating a textured and often 3D effect.



Your best girls will be there to help, guide and support you through this special time. When considering who to ask to be your bridesmaid(s), think about friends you can depend on, who are trust worthy and who you genuinely want to be by your side throughout your wedding planning journey.

Best Man/Woman

A groom usually chooses a close friend or family member to be their Best Man/Woman; they traditionally organise the stag-do for the groom.


This is a small spray of flowers usually worn by men in the wedding party in their buttonhole.


Traditionally, a bride will carry a bouquet of flowers, whilst her bridesmaids carry smaller, simpler bouquets. The bride also used to ‘throw’ the bouquet after the ceremony. Bouquets can range in size – from petite and delicate to lush and flamboyant.

Budget (boring but essential!)

This is a how much money you have to spend on your wedding. Using a spreadsheet can help you keep track of all your outgoings, so that you do not over-spend. Your budget planner will be your best friend in your wedding planning.


Ever wonder how, exactly, you’ll walk and dance in your wedding dress once the ceremony is over? Enter the bustle. This tailoring trick features loops, buttons, or ribbons used to pull up and tuck the train of a dress to make moving easier. A French bustle attaches on the underside of the fabric, tucking it under so most of the train is hidden. An American bustle, on the other hand, attaches on the outside of the skirt, pulling fabric up toward the waist to create a pretty and visible drape.



Calligraphy is a type of elegant handwriting that has become a popular art-form in its own right. It is often used for invitation sets, place cards and table plans.


The caterer is the supplier who provides the food for the wedding, be it in-house or an external supplier.  Remember a large part of your budget will go on the catering. Ensure you take your time talking with caterers and trying menus before you ultimately decide who to use.


A canape is traditionally a small, bite-sized portion of food that is served during a drinks reception. Canapes are very popular at wedding and the choice is often overwhelming when you start talking with your caterer.  Choose what you love but ensuring a good mix of including vegetarian and vegan options and remember they don’t all need to be savoury. Sweet canapes go down very well with guests. Top tip is to ensure the caterers instruct one of the waiting staff to ensure they look after you as a couple so you get some of the deliciousness you have chosen.


Your wedding cake will be a huge focal point at your wedding reception, so be sure to choose something really special. Long gone are the days of choosing a simple white wedding cake – these days, you can be creative as you like; from unique flavours to delicate detailing.


There are may different types of candle that you could use in your wedding. From tealights and votives, which are small, low candles often scattered around centrepieces; to taper candles, which stand tall on the tabletops in candle holders and candelabra; to pillar candles, which are wider and freestanding often standing on their own on tabletops or inside lanterns.

Church, Chapel and Cathedral

These are fairly obvious but did you know that they are also references to a particular length of a bride’s veil.


A celebrant is one type of person who can preside over your wedding ceremony. They can perform the ceremony wherever you choose (even somewhere that doesn’t not have a ceremony licence), and make it completely personal and unique to you, but it will be a non-legally binding ceremony.


Floral arrangements on reception tables are called centerpieces. Unsurprisingly, they fill the “center” of the table, and set the tone of the night’s decor. While vessels and vases are typical filled with blooms, they don’t have to be…almost anything can be used fruit, coloured bottles, boats, trees, baubles.

Charger (no not your phone charger)

In wedding speak, a charger is a larger often decorative plate that is used as the base of a place setting, essentially taking the place of a placemat and forming a main focus of a place setting. Plated courses are placed on top of the charger, which can also be removed before the serving of the main course if you prefer.


Jewish wedding ceremonies are performed beneath a chuppah. This structure consists of a cloth canopy and four poles. The four sides are left open to represent hospitality towards the wedding guests.

Civil Ceremony

This is a type of wedding that takes place at venue (a building or free-standing covered structure) or registry office that has been licensed. A civil ceremony will be presided over by a Registrar who can legally marry you.


This is a hairpiece attached to your hair with teeth like a comb. Combs can be beautifully decorations and worn independently or often used to hold the veil in place.


A corsage is a single flower or small spray of flowers attached to the front of a woman’s outfit or worn on the wrist.  Often the mother of the bride is given one to wear and will include flowers used in the bouquet. 

Corkage Fee

An additional charge from the venue (usually priced per person) for bringing your own alcohol.  This is to cover the cost of pour-service and keeping beverages cool.

Cutting the Cake

So often a focal point of the wedding day and a moment every guest loves to see when you stand as a couple together to cut your wedding gate and pose for while the moment is captured with photographs.


Day of Co-Ordinator

If a full-service wedding planner isn’t in your budget I highly recommend investing in a DOC, or day-of coordinator. This service is all about relaxation for you. You’ve done it – your wedding planning is almost complete (and it’s going to be an amazing showcase of all your hard work), but you want the chance to actually experience it. Enter me! We’ll meet approximately one month before your wedding for a detailed handover consultation, then it’s up to me to keep all the plates spinning, and co-ordinate your wedding day from behind the scenes. I will ensure your timeline runs smoothly so you can focus on being the bride and your loved ones can celebrate instead of stressing over whether they’ve accurately brought your vision to life. Follow this link to find out more.


Regardless of whether you have a dedicated wedding theme or not, you’ll more than likely decorate your wedding ceremony and reception with beautiful accessories. Plan ahead and check that your wedding venue allows all of your thoughts and ideas before you make any expensive purchase.

Decorations include the centrepieces on the tables, the chair decor (covers/sashes/ribbons, flowers), as well as other items including drapes on the walls, free-standing light-up ‘LOVE’ letters, balloons, twinkly lights, dancefloors and anything you can think of that you might use to decorate your wedding.

Destination Wedding

Ranging from a two-hour drive, or a long-haul flight, a destination wedding really refers to anything that means you wedding is away from your home and local area.  They are a great way to share one of your most loved foreign locations with wedding guests. The travel elements make them a great way to have an intimate experience with a smaller group of guests.

Dress Code

This is the type of clothing expected to be worn by all guests. It is usually mentioned in the invitations, such as ‘smart/casual’, ‘smart’ or ‘black tie’. Selecting a dress code sets the tone of your wedding and guest love to dress up.

Drinks Reception

This is the reception that takes place immediately after the ceremony. It is often the time when the wedding couple have their official photos taken, whilst guests mingle, have a drink and have canapes. Sometimes know at Cocktail Hour.


Engagement Photos

Having an engagement photo session is a great opportunity for you to get to know your photographer before your big day. Consider this a dress rehearsal. Engagement photos have become more and more common and are now often included in packages offered by wedding photographers. It’s an opportunity to get more comfortable in front of the camera, get to know your photographer (so you’re all friendly by the time your wedding day arrives!), and come away with having made some memories you can treasure and some gorgeous photos to use in your save the dates or wedding website.


This is a wedding that is traditionally held suddenly and in secret, away from the couple’s family and friends. More recently, in light of the COVID-19 epidemic, it has come to mean a very small wedding with very few guests attending.


From pimping up your prosecco to retro candy bars, comedians and circus tricks there are many different types of entertainment you could have at your wedding,. The list is endless.

Escort Cards

Escort cards and place cards are the two most-confused pieces of wedding speak. Display Escort cards at the entrance to the reception area to direct guests to their assigned dinner table. See Place Cards below!

Evening Reception

This is usually the ‘party’ part of the wedding, after the wedding breakfast when there is live music and dancing. By this time you can relax and enjoy your time with your friends and family.

Exchanging of Rings

This is when the couple exchange their rings after saying their vows to each other during the wedding ceremony.

Exclusive Use

Choosing your wedding venue will be one of the most important decisions that you’ll make throughout your wedding planning journey. One question to always ask is if the venue will be exclusively yours for the day under the fee you are paying or if there will be others around.


Father of the Bride

This is fairly obvious; and his main role is to walk with the bride down the aisle and ‘give her away’ to her fiancé.


Favours are small, individual token gifts given to guests to say thank you for attending the wedding. They are usually left at each place setting at the wedding breakfast. They can be whatever a couple would like, books, chocolates, perfumes, to charitable gifts in their name, to personalized treasures. Couples like to find gifts that represent them together.


This is the title given to someone that is engaged to be married; ‘fiance’ is usually used for a male and ‘fiancee’ is a female.

First Look

This is a private moment where you and your fiance(e) meet prior to the ceremony. If you are particularly nervous about walking down the aisle or seeing your partner in the ceremony, this can be a good opportunity to see each other without an audience! It also enables you to get some personal, intimate photos for you to surprise family and friends with afterwards.


A florist is the supplier who will create the flower arrangements for your wedding, such as the bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, installations and decorative flowers for your reception, venue or marquee.


Wedding flowers will probably play a huge role at your wedding; from the bridal bouquet that you’ll toss at the end of the night, to the floral décor in both the ceremony room and on your wedding reception tables. Browse inspiration galleries, Pinterest and magazines to seek sensational floral ideas for your big day. But remember different flowers will be available in different seasons. Speak to your florist regarding the flowers that may be more available during the season in which you choose to get married.

Flower Girl

A flower girl is usually a young girl who walks down the aisle first, either scattering petals on the floor, or carrying a small posy of flowers.

Flower Wall

If you want a feature or focal point at your wedding, a flower wall is ideal. They are big displays of artificial flowers (can be fresh depending on budget) and greenery, which can be beautiful for ceremony backdrops, a creative way to display escort cards, behind the top table or on one side for photographs.



Such a good word to say don’t you think! This is a cake filling made of cream and chocolate. Totally yummy!


These are long strands of flowers and/or greenery that are often hung up as decorations on railings, pillars, stairs, archways and doorways. They can also be used on tables as finishing touches of decor.

Gift List

When it comes to planning a wedding, opting for a wedding gift list is a brilliant way to minimise stress for you and your guests. Not only can you avoid lots of questions about what sort of gift you’d like, but it can give your guests peace of mind knowing that they’re choosing a wedding gift you actually want. What’s more, opting for a wedding gift list means you can choose the gifts you need for your married life together!  There are many companies to choose from so whether it’s money towards your honeymoon fund, items for your home or charity donations ensure you do you research to find the list that will offer you and guests exactly what you would like.

Giving Notice

In order to get married and have a civil ceremony, you will need to ‘give notice’ at your local register office at least 29 days before the wedding, to declare where and when you want to get married. To have a religious ceremony, a couple who need to have their ‘banns read’ (see below).

Golden Hour

This is something you will probably hear your photographer mention, and it refers to the time just before sunset when the light is soft and perfect for intimate shots of the couple.

Guest List

This is the list of everyone the couple would like to invite to their wedding, be it the ceremony and reception or the reception only. Be warned … Putting together a guest list sounds like a fun task, because it’s exciting to think about happy people sharing your wedding day with you! Fun as it may be, you will likely have to make some unexpected or even tough decisions when challenges appear. Most commonly, you will find that everyone has an opinion on who you should and shouldn’t invite – the parents are especially known for this! Be prepared to listen and consider their input, but always keep in mind your budget and your own wishes first and foremost in your wedding planning.


Having Banns Read

If you would like to have a religious ceremony in a church, you will need to have your banns read on three consecutive Sundays in the church you would like to be married in.

Hen Night

One of the best bits …. And a break from the planning.  A Hen night is generally known as the bride’s last day/night out as a single, unmarried person. Traditionally it is a female-only event, sometimes lasting for one day full of activities, ending in a night out, or a whole weekend away. Daytime activities could include afternoon tea, cocktail making, wine tasting, flower crown making, or a fun sporting activity, such as paddle-boarding or surfing and then followed by evening fun!


After all the planning and arranging that you’ll be doing ahead of your big day, you definitely deserve a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon. Flights are generally available to book 12 months in advance if you plan on going abroad. Some couples choose to go on a mini-moon right after their wedding and then plan a bigger honeymoon later down the line. Or, some couples like to stick to tradition and head off on their honeymoon the very next day. Discuss honeymoon destinations together in advance and if you’re struggling to choose a traditional gift list, consider asking your guests for a contribution to your honeymoon.

Humanist Ceremony

This is conducted by a celebrant and is a non-religious ceremony that is much more relaxed and personal than a civil ceremony.  There is no legal recognition of humanist ceremonies, so if you want to be legally married and have a humanist ceremony, you will need to have a civil ceremony, usually in a register office just prior to or just after the humanist ceremony.


In-house Catering

This is when the catering and drinks are provided by your venue and not an external supplier.

Intimate Wedding

An intimate wedding is one that has a particularly small guest list, with usually less than 50 people in total. Currently a huge trend due to Covid-19 and restrictions.


Your wedding invitations will be the first insight to your wedding that your guests will receive. When ordering your wedding invitations, don’t forget to think about menu cards, RSVP cards, thank you cards, driving directions, place cards and anything else stationery related that you think you might need.


Floral chandeliers, the flower walls and other impressive, eye-catching arrangements are all called installations.  These statement-making designs may require a little more time and technique to put together, but the end result is totally priceless. If you want to make a statement without blowing the budget, consider a single dramatic installation over the dance floor and more simple centrepieces.


When planning your wedding cake there are many options to consider including the icing. There is Buttercreamthat issoft, sweet and creamy.  Fondant which is one of the mostpopular types of icing on wedding cakes. Fondant can be dyed, marbled, molded, and sculpted to take your wedding cake to the next level. Royal Icing is traditionally used to decorate wedding. It is great for fine detail as it is easy to pipe and sets with a hard finish.



To add a touch of glamour to your wedding day style, consider wearing a special piece of jewellery. You’ll also need to think about buying wedding rings approximately 6 months ahead of the big day. Some couples like to choose matching wedding rings, some couples choose to have their wedding rings made bespoke, and others may choose to wear a family heirloom. Discuss your wedding ring choices as a couple; they’re important because they’ll be the one part of your wedding that really will stay with you forever.



I understand that you want your wedding celebration to be exceptional. You’re after a wow-factor that has both style and substance – a day that is stunning to look at, and heart-warming to be part of. But you’re also busy, and right now you can’t see how the visions and scraps of ideas in your head are going to come together in the way you want them to.

If you’ve read the statistic about it taking 250 hours or more to plan a wedding and it’s left you reeling…stop…this is where I come in!

I offer a range of planning and styling services to give you the support you need, and most importantly the KNOWLEDGE no matter where you are in your wedding planning.

Keep to the budget

A wedding budget should be discussed between you (and your families if they’re contributing) as soon as you start your wedding planning journey. Knowing how much of a budget you have to play with will determine the type of wedding you’ll be able to plan. Work out how much money you have to spend on each portion of the day and try to stick to it as best you can.

If there’s something that you simply must-have at your wedding but it doesn’t quite fit within your budget, consider compromising on something less important.


Often called ‘referral commissions’ – these are a sum of money a vendor receives in return for getting a client to hire another vendor. It is a good idea to ask your vendors about kickbacks to ensure you aren’t paying more to cover a commission.

As a wedding plan I believe that Trust is imperative, which is why I can assure you now that I will always so ‘no’ to commission. ⁠I believe in a transparent and honest pricing system.



This is the beautiful, delicate and detailed thread-work that is often used in wedding dresses.


Throughout your wedding planning journey, don’t forget that the reason you’re getting married is because you fell in love. Without love, the whole day wouldn’t be taking place, so don’t let the materialistic elements of your wedding take over! On top of the love you have for each other….don’t forget to love your wedding venue, love your wedding dress and love your wedding style.



You’ll want to look your very best when your wedding day arrives – be sure to think about your bridal beauty well in advance. You can opt to do your own wedding day make-up; ask one of your bridesmaids to do it for you, or hire a specialist, so that you can relax and enjoy the morning of your wedding.

Maid of Honour

Traditionally a role given to the friend or family member that is closest to the bride. Often responsible for organising the Hen Night, and helping the bride throughout the day of the wedding with whatever she needs (be it holding her bouquet or holding her dress out of the way when the bride needs a wee!). Sometimes you hear a Matron of Honour….A ‘Maid’ is unmarried and a ‘Matron’ is married!

Marriage Certificate

This is the official documentation that you have to sign and keep, which is your ‘evidence’ of your wedding taking place.


A marquee is a blank canvas to create your own theme from start to finish!  Of course one of the major advantages of a marquee is that you can pick and choose your themes and colours as you don’t have to work with existing decors.

Mood Board

This is the collection of ideas, colours, images and swatches that you have collected to help you plan your wedding. Pinterest is the ideal platform to start with, as there are so many ideas on there already to give you plenty of inspiration.

As a planner and stylist I can work with you to create a mood board for all the different elements of your wedding to include your florals, table design, decorations, stationery, table linen etc.


Music is usually played as you walk up and down the aisle, during the drinks reception and during the evening reception. You could have prerecorded music or live music, depending on your preferences and your venue’s restrictions. Live music could include singers, string quartets, harpists, DJs or full bands.


Naked Cake

A style of cake known for its lack of external frosting or fondant, showcasing the actual look and texture of the cake itself. Usually finished off with a minimal amount of buttercream and fresh flowers.


Planning a civil wedding ceremony in the UK requires you to legally give notice with a minimum of 28 days to your local register office.  If you don’t give notice within this time period, then you may face the consequences of having to delay your wedding. Give notice as soon as you can (within in a year of your wedding date), just to be on the safe side so you don’t face unexpected complications.



This is the official person appointed in civil ceremonies to conduct the marriage ceremony. 

Open Bar

This is when all drinks (wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks…) are openly available to guests, with no bill for them to pay.

Outdoor wedding

If you’ve always dreamed of saying ‘I do’ outdoors then be sure to search for wedding venues with an outdoor marriage license.  Not all wedding venues will hold this sort of license, so if getting married outdoors is a wedding ‘must-have’, be sure to ask the question as soon as you start your venue search.


Page Boy

A Page Boy is traditionally a young boy who walks down the aisle behind the bride, and they carry her train.


Your palette is the selection of colours you have chosen to work with on your wedding day, influencing everything from linens to flowers to even the ink on your invitations. Most palettes feature at least three colour—a main colour, a neutral, and an accent—though you may also include a few different shades of each colour for depth (think blush, pink, and fuchsia or grey, light blue and navy).


Photobooths are becoming increasingly popular at weddings; they capture all the fun with entertaining photos of the guests, usually during the evening reception.


A wedding photographer captures as much or as little of the day as you want, from the prep shots as you get ready in the morning, through to the departure shots at the end of the night.  Spend time researching who you want to capture your day and look closely at the style of photography each photographer has to ensure it suits you.


This is a way of icing a wedding cake.

Place Card

These are individual cards with each guest’s name on, and they are placed at each person’s seat for the wedding breakfast.  If you are having a more informal open table seating, then they will not be needed. These are different and not to be confused with Escort Cards.

Place Setting

This refers to the crockery, cutlery and glassware each person has at the table. Weddings tend to feature more formal service and a larger number of courses, so place settings are often more complicated than what you’d see at home on a regular weeknight! . Formal wedding place settings can include a charger, a dinner plate, a dessert plate, a side plate with a bread knife, and cutlery for three courses, a water glass, and at least one wine glass..

Planning (Wedding Planning)

If you’ve read the statistic about it taking 250 hours or more to plan a wedding and it’s left you reeling, wondering when you’re going to manage to sleep, eat and have the occasional conversation with your partner alongside work and wedmin, don’t panic. That’s where I come in.

I offer a range of planning and styling services to give you the support you need, no matter where you are in your wedding planning journey. We’ll play to your strengths here, with me taking on the elements that cause you stress, and you holding on to anything that brings you real joy. After all, that’s what it’s all about! Follow this link to find out more.

Plus One

A Plus One is an additional invite given to a wedding guest for them to bring someone of their choice. This might be if the guest has a partner that you do not know or if they do not know anyone else attending the wedding.


This is a round ball covered in flowers, that could be used in the wedding decor or given to members of your wedding party to carry.


At the beginning of the wedding ceremony, members of the wedding party walk down the aisle ahead of the bride/groom, with accompanying music playing.



Be sure to be armed with questions for all your suppliers when you meet them to ensure you cover everything that is important for you as a couple.



The Recessional is when the couple walk back down the aisle together after the ceremony.  Take your time and enjoy your moment as a married couple.  Guests love to see this so don’t rush… and they will all want to get a picture!


A Registrar can perform a legal civil ceremony at venues that have a ceremony licence.

Rehearsal Dinner

A pre wedding event that often occurs the night before the wedding itself.  It typically takes place after the wedding rehearsal (hence the name!), and includes the couple, their wedding party, and immediate family members.  There is no set rule on who is invited to this dinner, and some couples choose to welcome out-of-town guests, and close friends as well.

Religious Ceremony

This type of ceremony will take place in a religious building (church, temple, synagogue or mosque) that holds a wedding license. It will be performed by a vicar, priest, minister or religious leader.

Ring Bearer

This is usually a child (very often also a family pet) who carries the rings down the aisle and gives them to the couple during the exchanging of rings.


This literally stands for ‘Répondez, s’il vous plaît!’ in French. This is the traditional way to ask your guests to let you know whether or not they will be attending your wedding.


Save the Date

These are normally sent out ahead of the official invitation, to make sure that your guests know when your wedding will be. This is particularly important if guests will need to make travel arrangements or take time off of work, as it will give them plenty of time to do so.

Seating Plan

A seating plan enables the couple to decide who should sit where, and who with, at their wedding.  This is also useful for staff to be able to identify people with specific dietary requirements when serving food. Top tip…. Tie a little piece of ribbon on the back of chairs for guests with special dietary needs.

Signature Cocktail

On your big day, you’re allowed to come up with any name you like for cocktails that are served.  Mark the occasion with a signature cocktail that you both love, whether it’s a classic  or a creative seasonal concoction crafted by your caterer just for the occasion. Don’t forget a sign telling guests what’s in their drink is always a good idea.


Traditionally, there are three speeches; one by the Father of the Bride, one by the groom/bride and one by the Best Man/Woman.  They are usually done after the wedding breakfast but are increasingly being done during the drinks reception which then allows everyone to then relax and enjoy the party.

Stag Do

This is the groom’s last day/night out as a single, unmarried person.  Best to not ask too many questions!



A tablescape is what you get when your entire table design comes together, from the plates and flatware to the flowers and candles.  As you plan think about this overall picture. As well as helping with your wedding planning I am also am a wedding stylist so have a look at how I can help you with your styling for your tablescape.

Throwing the Bouquet

The bride’s bouquet is thrown by the bride to their single friends, and whoever catches it is said to be the next one to get married!


This is usually a sparkly accessory worn on a bride’s head.


If you are employing a hair and make-up artist, it is an idea to have a trial with them, so you an decide how you would like to look on the day.  I would also recommend having trials with other suppliers and ask for mock-ups of flowers and table settings so you can visualize and tweak designs in real time.


This is the length of the dress that trails on the ground behind as a bride walks down the aisle. If you’re looking to make a grand entrance, consider a gown with a dramatic train. (Most guests will be looking at the back of your dress throughout the ceremony, after all!) This extension of the skirt of your dress can range from a few extra inches to multiple feet trailing behind you, and can look oh-so-dramatic when expertly fluffed just before you walk down the aisle.  Add a bustle to get the train out of the way when it’s time to dance.


To get you to the church, or venue on time, you may need to hire some mode of wedding transportation.  Be as quirky as you like –anything and everything goes when it comes to wedding transportation; from grooms landing in helicopters to a London Bus loaded with guests.


Tulle is a delicate and fine material used in veils and wedding gowns, particularly in princess gowns to create a bigger ‘look’.

Wedding Planning Table Design Pink Vibrant Colourful



The ushers and best men at your wedding will play a vital role throughout the day. They direct guests to their seats for the ceremony and help out during the day where necessary.



Veils can vary in length, material and detail, with some of them having crystals, pearls or lace on.  See Chapel and Cathedral.


This is where your wedding takes place; your ceremony and reception may be at the same venue, or they could be at different venues.


A videographer captures the day on film, and they add a special element alongside the photographer, giving you a video of your day to watch over and over.


Saying your wedding vows will be one of the highlights of your day.  Your guests will witness everything and the words will bind you both as a couple forever. Some couples choose to write their own wedding vows and others will stick to tradition.  



Waistcoats are often worn by man  with suits to create a more formal look.  Often the bridal party will have matching waistcosts.

Wedding Breakfast

The wedding breakfast is traditionally a three-course sit-down meal, held after the drinks reception.

Wedding Dress

All eyes will be on “the dress” when you walk down the aisle, so be sure to choose a spectacular wedding dress. Remember guests often see more of your back so often an idea to consider the back design!

Wedding Hashtag

A dedicated hashtag (often a play on words using your names/surnames) that guests can include for any photos posted on social media. A great way to keep track of your wedding photos after the day!

Wedding Planner

That’s me!  Take a look at how I can help you with your wedding planning.  I can tailor any of my services to suit you with as much or as little as you need.

Wedding Website

You could use a Wedding Website to display all of the important information. It is an easy way for guests to find out everything they need including where to stay and a link to your gift list.


You will need two people to act as ‘Witnesses’. They will need to be present at your wedding ceremony and sign the marriage certificate.  Whether you have a large wedding or you elope you will always need two witnesses.


This is a circle of flowers or greenery used in decorations. Wreaths can be used in flower installations, on tables and even in your hair.



Your first Kiss…. Your first kiss as a married couple will be a moment to remember forever. Ensure you have a great wedding photographer on hand to capture the amazing moment.


Your Day

Regardless of how many people you have to help you plan your wedding, you must remember that it’s your day.  Fulfill your wishes and dreams. Be sure to go with your heart when making big decisions, such as your wedding venue, wedding dress and overall wedding theme.


Zero stress

Easier said than do. But if you stay cool, calm and focused throughout your wedding planning experience, you should be able to pull off an incredible day, stress free! However, you do feel stressed in any way, all you need to do is scroll back up to H and look forward to your incredible honeymoon!

So there you have it. An A-Z of some of the most frequently used wedding terms you will come across in your wedding planning.

If you are ready to kickstart your celebrations with some help and advice please do contact me at . Or please follow my A-Z Wedding Planning on my Instagram