Unique Wedding Marquee – Are you looking for a something a little different for your marquee hire?

Its often the way that when one door closely another one opens, and I think this is especially true in this turbulent 2020 year. To my delight I was lucky to recently meet Harry from Husk Marquees who has gone through the “doors” and entered the world of marquee hire.

Husk Marquees have an incredibly special product which I am a super fan of! I love finding the unique for my clients and Harry of Husk Marquees certainly has that in the marquee hire world!

So let me introduce you to Harry who set up Husk Marquees.

I’ve asked Harry several questions to get an insight into the new kid on the block so to speak in the world of marquee hire.

Thank you Harry for chatting with me.  Firstly please tell me a bit about yourself and why Husk has been launched?

Firstly, thank you, Antonia, for sharing us on your blog.  I’m Harry, the founder of Husk Marquees; an exciting new marquee company based in Henley On Thames, we’re offering unique new marquees called Cruck Tents to the market, more on that later.

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What is your background Harry in the events industry?

I had been working in the events industry for a number of years on a variety of weddings and corporate events mainly up in Scotland and when I, unfortunately, got made redundant due to Covid-19 back in July I saw the opportunity to create something special.

I have always had a passion for events from when I was still in school, working on festivals and local events such as the Henley Royal Regatta. With this in mind, I wanted to introduce something new to the wedding and events market; that’s when I came across the Cruck Tent.

Taking a twist on traditional marquees and tipis the Cruck provides a stunning backdrop for any occasion with its bare Douglas fir beams and panoramic gable windows. I personally can’t wait to get our marquees out on weddings and events to allow our clients to create the most amazing events venues which they can show off to their guests.

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A Crunk Tent  – Well that sounds intriguing and different in the marquee hire world. What is a Crunk tent and their origins?

Let us go back a few years, and when I say a few I mean a few hundred years to medieval times. This was the first know use of Cruck or Crook Frames, used commonly in house and barn construction.

Originally made up of curved timber beams which interlock to create an A-frame there are many examples up and down the country of where they still survive today. Some of these have been lovingly restored to create amazing homes, offices and in some examples wedding venues.

With a proud history and a willingness to create something new, the team behind the Cruck Tent found a rich history to tweak for modern use. The finished product is a stunning structure that retains historic grandeur using the Douglas fir beams but blends modern style and practicality. Together with a high-quality canvas, a product has been created that can be easily used for event use.

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These are incredibly unique . What do you consider are the top unique features of the Crunk Tent?

Good question and a very hard one to answer!!  To start with our end profile creates a great first impression. Once inside you experience the height with the exposed timber beams and the panoramic walls letting in streams of light. All these elements combine to create the perfect environment from which our clients can create their event.

Throw the facts at me with regards the size, height, floor space and the inevitable question of what’s the average cost.

The Cruck stands proud at 7 meters high and branches out 16 meters wide. This creates the impressive end profile I spoke about earlier. The structure then grows in 3-meter bays lengthways allowing us to provide a scalable structure to fit different settings and guest numbers. Our most common configuration is 16 x 15 meters which provides a useable floor space of 240 square meters which has a rough capacity of 150 people.

For those out there worried about strong winds, the Cruck is rated to withstand wind gusts of 70mph and has all of the relevant risk assessments. We also provide our coir matting as standard which ties in with the rest of the structure. This build has a starting price of £4,400 (ex Vat).

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Can you supply any other elements with the marquee such as tables, chairs, bars etc.

With a wealth of experience working on events and with event suppliers, we can provide everything you need for your event including items we don’t have in-house. This has many benefits but mainly simplicity as you are only dealing with 1 infrastructure supplier rather than upwards of 5. 

On the side of bespoke products, we have some fabulous handmade bars and fire-pits which act as a great focal point. We also have a stock of refrigerated trailers which are becoming more and more popular and add a lot of convenience for clients. Whilst we are able to offer a range finishing touches and hire items for your event, we are also happy to just provide the items you need, putting the control in your hand.

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Hope this provides you with a bit more information about Husk Marquees. We are looking forward to 2021 and beyond to create some amazing events in these stunning structures.

Thank you so very much Harry. To have a look further take a look at https://www.huskmarquees.co.uk

For more information with regard marquee hire and what you need to consider have a read of my other blogs with regards all things marquee!! https://honourandpop.co.uk/category/marquee-wedding-planner/

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Images from www.huskmarquees.co.uk