What is the difference between wedding stylist versus Wedding Planner?

Or both wrapped up in one……

Did you know that many wedding planners are also wedding stylists?

You may be asking what is the difference a wedding stylist and a wedding planner?

The line between Stylist and Planner can be blurry but there is a distinct difference.   Whilst a wedding planner oversees the wedding as a whole, a wedding stylist is focused on the beautiful and all things pretty side of the wedding.  They set the scene and provide a perfectly polished visual backdrop for the wedding.

But what about having both roles wrapped up with one.  That is where I can come in. I am a wedding planner and stylist based in Berkshire.

To help you understand more below are some of the ways I can help with the styling of your wedding alongside all the planning. https://honourandpop.co.uk/weddings/full-planning-and-styling/

Advantages of a hiring a stylist.

Hiring a wedding stylist takes away so much stress, allowing you to be sure that everything – from the ceremony to the reception, from the stationery to the tablescape, from your wedding dress to your florals – will create a harmonious look and experience for you and your guest.  As your wedding stylist I will ask you about your vision, wishes, tastes, and preferences, taking the time to really get to know you and understand your dream.

Your concept created.

Have you spent hours on Pinterest? Have you created endless mood boards for your wedding?  Now you don’t know what to do with all those ideas!!   As your wedding stylist I will work with you to take your ideas and make them into a reality.

As your wedding stylist I will match your wedding look with your personal style, from choosing the colours and fabrics,  working closely with your florist to choose the flowers to reflect you, create the right ambience, style your tablescapes and decorate your venue or marquee to perfection.

Whether you are having a luxurious lavish feast or an intimate wedding for ten I will ensure your wedding concept will reflect you as a couple to capture your style and character.  I will be set the scene and create the “mood” for your individual look.

Responsibilities of your wedding stylist.

As your stylist I will take away the worry and stress that so many couples have on the morning of the wedding.  Do you want to be setting up tables and tying ribbons around napkins?  No, I should think the answer is!!  Couples often will allocate responsibilities to family and friends instead of hiring a stylist. This will save money, but they will not be able to enjoy and experience your special day to the fullest and will they be able to create the look you are dreaming of?

As your wedding stylist I can ensure the set up of your special day is quick, smooth and perfectly appointed creating your vision that we have developed together freeing up everyone to enjoy the day in a relaxed manner from dawn to dusk.

A Single Source.

As your wedding stylist I have access to a fabulous range of exceptionally talented people and suppliers who I work closely with.  I will choose, with you, the right suppliers who will understand your vision to guarantee you the perfect overall look.  I will be your contact point for all suppliers which will free up so much time for you.  From flowers to cake, from stationery to venue decoration – you will get it all and even more from a single source – me, your wedding stylist!