Wedding Marquee – What to consider when deciding on a marquee wedding?

Five questions to ask yourself if considering a wedding marquee for your celebration.

As a luxury Berkshire wedding planner, I work for many couples who choose a marquee wedding. I often am asked what to consider first upon choosing a wedding marquee.  Marquee weddings are growing in popularity because they offer a convenient space for you to host your celebrations and they are a blank canvas that can be brought to life and create your own personal style and look.

There are lots of reasons why a marquee is an exciting choice but there are many considerations before you even begin looking at booking a marquee.

Starry ceiling wedding marquee

Whey type of wedding marquee will be for you?

The style and theme of your wedding needs to be considered in deciding which type of marquee works for you. It could be a traditional wedding marquee or something more unusual.  The days of just traditional pole marquees are long gone. Marquees come in so many different shapes, styles, and sizes.  If you haven’t organised such a celebration before it can be a minefield!

Is your day going to have a festival vibe? Have a look at Tipi or Sperry tents that are becoming increasingly popular.

Or perhaps you are having a pretty vintage garden party style wedding. Then a white traditional pole marquee would be a fabulous backdrop.

Maybe you are thinking of lots of lovely space then a clear span glass ceiling marquee would be a perfect choice to give you lots of light and flexibility.

The choices are almost endless! Start goggling for ideas!

Colouful wedding marquee with bright lights

What size wedding marquee could I have?

The million dollar question!!

Firstly, have a think about the number of guests you hope to have. Also what actual space do you have for the wedding marquee to be positioned in?  There is no point thinking you are going to fit 150 in a marquee in a small front garden!!! 

Within the wedding marquee you will need to consider the style look you are hoping to create with the tables and chairs for your reception (or even the wedding ceremony if you doubling up and holding it in the marquee).  Round tables for example are more traditional and can look formal but they do take up more space compared to long rows of trestle tables that can save space and can look very striking once decorated.

Will you be having dancing in the evening with a live band maybe?  You will need to consider the space needed for dancing and for the band with their instruments and equipment. And what about drinks service? Will you have a separate bar and possible seating areas?

Where could I have my marquee?

Location, location, location is what they say!

Many couples dream of having their wedding marquee at home. This may not be possible for all, but it doesn’t stop you being able to have a wedding marquee for you big day.  There are many alternatives such as the village green or a friendly neighbouring farmers field. Both these could be in walking distance of the church you might be marrying in.  There are companies that have “rental” fields available for such events as weddings and celebrations.  Hotels, stately homes and castles also allow for wedding marquees to put in their grounds for a one off charge.

And do have a think about “what lies beneath” at your location.  A wedding marquee will not like being on boggy or uneven ground or on the side of a hill! If your marquee is going to be in your garden to have a think about what is running under the lawn (think cables/sewer works etc!) Wedding marquees are often held down with very large metal rods that go into the ground.

Marquee incorporating the garden

How do we decorate a blank canvas that is a wedding marquee?

When it comes to planning your wedding, I do believe that it’s the little details that really matter and make a difference. So it is not just considering what style your marquee will be from the exterior. The interior of a wedding marquee is where all the prettiness will be.

From window, to walls, to doors wedding marquees have many different options.  Many marquees have open sides so guests can spill out onto the lawn or into the field. Clear see through walls are an option to create an open look but being more weather friendly! Marquees can have linings, drapes and even “reveal curtains” if you want to keep a section such as the dance floor off limits until later in the day. Doors can often be placed anywhere leading to decked outside areas or chillout sofa areas.

The flooring of your marquee is very important. The majority of guest may be wearing high heels so carpets (consider different colours), mats and wooden flooring would work best.

Flowers, lighting, tableware, dancefloor, bars, furniture will all add to the decoration once the bones of your marquee have been decided upon.

What other facilities will we need to consider for a wedding marquee?

You will also need to consider many boring but very essential factors when thinking if a wedding marquee is for you.  Your guests will need parking and lighting to find their vehicles late in the evening.  Toilets need to be planned and these will need electricity as will your caterers.  Outside caterers will be familiar with pop-up kitchens but it is essential to consider their needs allowing for sufficient access, space, running water and electric points to mention a few!

Wedding marquee with trestle tables and blue lighting.

All in all there is a great deal to consider when looking at a wedding marquee before you even look at marquees themselves!   If you feel reading this that it’s all little daunting or you don’t have the time to organise the logistics of a wedding marquee then do get in touch. I am a luxury Berkshire wedding planner with lots of experience in planning marquee weddings.  I can carry out all the background research and collate quotes along with handling all the logistic that a wedding marquee celebration requires. Please do be in touch

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